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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the most reliable, accurate, confidential, and convenient way to receive pay.

Why should I sign up for Direct Deposit?

To get your money faster.
Your payroll is available to you early on the payment date.  There is no waiting to pick up the check or waiting for the mail to arrive.

To simplify your life.
You don’t have to sign or deposit checks-your payroll is automatically credited to your account.  If you are sick or away, your pay is available to you on payment date.  It’s one less thing you have to handle.

To be safe.
There are no checks to be lost, stolen or delayed.  Direct Deposit is the safe, sure way to get paid.

To save time.
No more special trips to the bank to make a deposit or to work to pick up the check.  With Direct Deposit, you have time to spare.

Questions and Answers

Q.  Do I have to open an account with a certain bank?

A.  No.  Most banks, credit unions and S&L’s offer Direct Deposit.  Chances are the financial institution where you have your account is one of them.

Q.  If I don’t deposit my check to my account myself, how do I know for sure the money is available?  I don’t want my checks to bounce.

A.  Direct Deposit is truly more reliable than checks.  Your pay will be in your account early each payment date.  For the first payment or two, you might want to contact your bank or internet site to verify the deposit, for your own peace of mind.  Soon you’ll take it for granted that your money is there.

Q.  Without a check, how will I know the amount of my pay?

A.  Your employer will still give you a non-negotiable stub, similar to what you receive now.  Also, your checking or savings statement will show the amount of the deposit.

Q.  What if I want to change banks or accounts?

A.  The HR department at your employer will be glad to help you make changes to your Direct Deposit at any time.

Q.  Can I stop Direct Deposit?

A.  Yes.  You can go back to checks anytime you wish.  Once you see how convenient and reliable Direct Deposit is, we don’t think you’ll ever want the inconvenience of checks again.

Q.  I consider how much money I receive to be confidential.  Will Direct Deposit infringe on my confidentiality?

A.  No.  In fact, it may enhance it.  Payroll information goes directly from your payroll processor to your financial institution electronically.  No one can see your check when you open it, sign it, or deposit it.

Q.  Can I have my payroll deposited to my savings account rather than my checking account?

A.  Yes.  Your payroll will be deposited to whichever account or 2 accounts that you specify when you sign up.

Q.  Who can answer additional questions?

A.  Your Human Resources Department at your employer is the first place to start, also your financial department or our Bookkeeping/ACH Department at the First Bank of Baldwin.