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Karen Blok

Karen Blok

VP/Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS ID# 712159

Employee since 1999

Favorite Hobby: Shopping with her granddaughters

Craig Nelson

Craig Nelson

Universal Loan Officer

NMLS ID# 480191

Employee since 2013

Favorite Football Team: Green Bay Packers  Proud to be a “Cheesehead”!

Dave Hammers

Dave Hammers

VP Senior Universal Loan Officer

NMLS ID# 267927

Employee since 2017

Favorite Hobby: Golfing



Buying your primary home, vacation home or investment property can be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. We have a variety of loan options to suit your needs. Fixed rate loans are one of our most popular loan options. You can depend on a fixed rate and payment for the entire loan. No prepayment penalties.

Construction Loans

Buying a lot and building a home can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Our mortgage lenders will be there to assist during the entire process. You are only required to pay interest on the amount that is disbursed. Draws and inspections are handled locally.

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC’s)

Your home is one of your most valuable financing tools! If you have lived in your home several years, paid a large down payment, or increased your home’s value, chances are you have lendable equity in your home. You can use the equity for home improvement projects, education, vacations, and more! Once you establish a HELOC with us you can access these funds at any time. You only need to pay interest on the amount outstanding. You may be able to deduct the interest you pay, contact your tax advisor to learn more about this.

Home Equity Term Loan

As with HELOC’s, a home equity term loan allows you to use the equity in your home for many reasons, such as home improvements, education, vacations, and more. The difference from HELOC’s are: You get all your cash up front. The interest is fixed for the term of the loan. The monthly payments are fixed. The interest rate will be lower than most other types of loans and credit cards. You may be able to deduct the interest you pay, contact your tax advisor to learn more about this.