Money Jars

Cash Management Services

Our Cash Management services allow businesses to originate ACH transfers to deposit funds into other institutions or withdraw funds from other institutions.


  • $50.00 One time set up fee

Some common practices for businesses using this feature include:

  • Paying employees with direct deposit
  • Electronically collecting funds from customers on a scheduled basis
  • Bill collection (utility company, health club)
  • Vendor payment or collection

Save trips to the bank with Remote Deposit, making it seem like our bank is right next door. Simply use a provided check scanner to send checks to the bank securely for deposit.


  • $75.00 Set up fee
  • Free Check Scanner provided by the bank
  • $40.00 Monthly Service Fee
  • First month Free


How Remote Deposit works:

  • First Bank of Baldwin will process your deposits electronically.
  • The original checks are held at your business and ultimately destroyed.
  • All you need is a scanner (which we will provide) and the desire to streamline your daily deposit process.

• You’ll save time in making deposits and reduce the costs you currently incur when making deposits on paper.

This service allows you to easily accept credit cards and electronic payments from your customers.


  • Point of Sale systems, including wireless, mobile, and virtual terminals
  • Online and e-commerce solutions for recurring payments
  • Mobile payment acceptance and processing, including Smartphone and tablet applications
  • Alternative payment methods like gift cards and ACH
  • Data security measures to comply with the PCI-DSS standards

First Bank of Baldwin is proud to partner with Wind River Financial, a Wisconsin-based, family-owned payment acceptance and processing company, to provide a complete array of merchant services to our business customers.