Fee Schedule

Limits and fees- The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account:


Replace ATM card or PIN: $5.00

Change ATM card PIN: $5.00

Replace debit card or PIN: $5.00

Change debit card PIN: $5.00

Check printing: Fee depends on style of check ordered

Certified check: $15.00 per check

Temporary check (Counter check): $0.25

Cashier's Checks: $3.00

Personal Money order: $2.00

Overdraft items paid (created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means): $30.00

Continuous Overdraft fee (after 7 days): $30.00

Nonsufficient funds item (each): $30.00

Deposited checks returned unpaid: $20.00

Foreign Check Collection: $25.00

Collection items: $20.00

Account reconciliation or research: $25.00 per hour

Escheatment (unclaimed property): $25.00

Copy of statement: $3.00 per statement

Copy of Checks (per check): $3.00

Stop payment order: $25.00

On-line Bill Pay: $5.95*

*Free when used at least once per statement cycle.

Wire transfer (Domestic incoming): $15.00

Wire transfer (Domestic outgoing): $20.00

Wire transfer (International incoming): $35.00

Wire transfer (International outgoing): $40.00

Garnishments: $50.00

Levies: $50.00

Closed account within 60 days: $20.00

Travel Cards: $5.95; Reload fee: $3.95

Gift Card: $3.00

Currency in: No Fee

Coin in: No Fee

Currency Out: No Fee

Coin Out: $.05 per roll for customers and $.10 per roll for non-customers

Monthly Image Fee:

Front images only: $7.50

Front & back images: $10.00

Inactive Accounts:

Checking and Savings: $3.00 per month if no activity and under $100 for 180 days.




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